Our Collective Weight-loss Challenge Progress Blog

Welcome to our weight loss challenge! We are collectively trying to lose 14 lbs by Bastille Day (July 14)! We are Weight Watchers members and we began counting from May 12. We will also be challenging each other to accomplish fitness or nutritional goals during these weeks. This is a never-ending journey for both of us and we welcome as much support as possible!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Freakin Relapse

My clothing doesn't fit and Northern California has such good food. I can't keep this up, I will gain it all back. For some reason though I am good for a few days and then I can't seem to keep it up. What's going on with me?

How should we do this? And I think we should incorporate the blog into it somehow to focus or post ideas. I also am proposing inviting an Albany Weight Watcher named Michelle onto the blog.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We need new inspiration

Ok, So. Now that we live in the same city, we need a new plan. I haven't been losing weight in a while. Something I blame entirely on law school and the French. But now I have to start eating real food again. Good food again. And I need to exercise. So i was thinking that since our poundage-off attempts have been less than successful, that we need some sort of exercise challenge to get ourselves moving again (or at least myself anyway.) What do you think?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Finally lost again!!

I lost 1.2 at weigh-in last night. Next week is our final weigh-in. I think I have learned something through all of this.

First, you can't decided that you will lose a certain poundage in a certain amount of time. Second, staying the same can be good. Third exercising every single day for at least ten minutes is essential.

I also feel that this challenge has been good. It helped me get refueled and I'm in better shape than when I began. I am also lighter than when I began! The next week in D.C. will definitely be a challenge.

My WW leader said we should now focus on our next challenge something in September. I am thinking that something that does not hinge on the scale would be good. Last week she had us write postcards to ourselves of a goal we want to achieve by labor day. I left the address blank so she can send it to me after I move. It should arrive the week I arrive in D.C.

I wrote to myself a welcome and I want to maintain my weight so I have a good start to my new life and the stresses of the school year.

Anyway, that's that for now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Oooh Frisbee but first clean the house!

I think cleaning the house chaos will help. I realized today that I am leaving everything in chaos and that if I fix the chaos at home that I will feel more in control.

That sounds like fun and it would make Todd get more exercise too.

You Strong Lady Me Sick Lady

So the one good thing about being sick is that I don't feel like eating anything. The bad thing is that I also don't feel like journaling anything. I forced myself to journal this week anyway, but I don't know if I'll make it to the meeting tonight - depends on if the doctor gives me some miracle drugs.

Bored are you? We can't have that. Do you own a frisbee? Can you make Todd play frisbee with you? It's a boredom cure...

Lost inches, ounces but now I'm bored

I am bored. I lost .4 this week which is awesome! I went 10 points over my flex points and I exercise every single day. My muscles look toned and my body is firmer. All really cool and I am very proud of myself.

My big victory happened after my weight watchers meeting. I often go to the grocery store right after the meeting and I did that last night. I always take a basket so that I don't end up buying too much stuff. Anyway, I bought a half gallon of milk, a jar of popping corn, and a big bag of carrots along with some other stuff. I went to the check out line and after I finished, the bagger asked me if I wanted her to get me a cart for my groceries. I refused saying I could carry them. She said, "Wow, you're a strong lady!" I grinned and took my bags to my car. So that's my victory.

But now I feel bored and lazy. I forced myself to journal the Chinese food binge I had last night even though I am thinking of just starting over tonight at 5 pm. I'm tired I don't want to walk or anything. But I have to. I want to continue being a "strong lady!"


Monday, June 21, 2004

That's okay, we will plod on...

I feel very good this week. I weigh in tomorrow. I journaled everything this week and did not have popcorn at the movies. I went over my flex points by four but I figured I didn't calculate all of my activities points this week. My mom and I went for a two hour hike yesterday, which was great.

However, today, Fred brought in special doughnuts from Buffalo (Tim Horton, at least I can look up the points for them.) and also Tom brought in what look like homemade corn muffins which I will save for another day.

I had a bite of one of the doughnuts and I think I'm over that.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Pouring the bottle of wine

So I had a WW leader who once told us, "If you spilled some red wine on your carpet, would you run to clean it up, or would you dump the rest of the bottle onto the carpet?" I basically dumped the entire metaphoric bottle of wine over the weekend since my brilliant plan to not go to the meeting but be good the next week was not-so-brilliant.

So over the last 2 miserable weeks, I gained 3 lbs. That said, I'm also sick, and bloated and am now back on track. But I'm afraid it does not bode well for our challenge

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Not too bad considering....

So, let me summarize the weekend. Family, eating, eating, more eating and bagel bloat.

However, I felt so ill that on Monday I decided I needed to detox. I ate a lot of yummy fruit and drank tons of water. Also despite all the eating I did manage to get in at least 10 minutes of exercise in everyday.

The result? Emotionally drained? Yes, but heavier? No. I stayed the same this week, much to my relief.

As a reward, I bought myself a cute running outfit. I was going to wait to buy it until I lost more weight but decided I needed it now. The only thing is I may end up walking in it and looking like a dork because my knees don't really like when I run.